Objective-C 2.0

A book from the Effective Software Dev Series. Written by Matt Galloway Objective-C Book

Effective Objective-C 2.0 is a book for iOS and Mac OS X developers who wish to further their knowledge of the language they use. It forms part of the Effective Software Development Series, in which books comprise a number of Items, each of which is a bite sized chunk of information that can be read individually.

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About the Author

Matt Galloway is an iOS developer from London, UK. He graduated from the University of Cambridge, Pembroke College in 2007 having completed a Master of Engineering degree, specialising in Electrical & Information Sciences. Since then he has been programming, mostly in Objective-C. He has been developing for iOS ever since the first SDK was released. You’ll find him on Twitter as @mattjgalloway and is a regular contributor to Stack Overflow.